Lesson Stages

We have devised our own stages built and tailored by our experienced teachers to progress your child in swimming as quickly as possible. We are unique as we have a technique based approach to teaching so that your child will learn not just to swim, but to swim to a high standard that will last for a lifetime.

We have split our lessons into 8 stages, each with a different hat colour and Penguins name.

Parent and Toddler

We offer a friendly class where you will join your toddler in the water in guided sessions. We provide a fun and safe environment for your infant to enjoy the water and swimming, whilst learning basic swimming skills such as blowing bubbles and general water confidence.

Little Blue

We encourage water confidence and introduce the skills that are fundamental to safe swimming. They will develop the skills to swim 2-5m unaided.


Building upon the basic leg kicks and arm pulls, your child will learn to swim 5m of frontcrawl and backcrawl with good basic technique, breaststroke is also introduced.


Swimmers are introduced to deep water learning how to tread water, scull and swim front crawl and back crawl confidently in deep water.


At this stage we build on independent deep water confidence. We introduce the finer techniques of the 3 strokes and begin butterfly with dolphin body movements.


We start to work on efficient technique for the 4 strokes where your child will feel confident swimming longer distances and will be strong enough to be able to isolate and correct specific parts of the strokes.


Royals are moved into lane swimming and will be exposed to more competitive swimming terminology. We focus on increasing your child’s endurance and stamina and encourage correct technique with drills.


With a further focus on increasing your child’s endurance, we teach competitive swimming essentials that have been introduced in earlier stages such as diving and tumble turns.


Emperors will be confident diving and will show efficient use of technique in all 4 strokes with correct turns. They will show good technique throughout 100m of each stroke (50m Butterfly).

Academy Star

Academy Stars will complete the Preliminary Competitive Starts award, will be competent with interval training and will be able to swim 400m in one go – this stage phases well into competitive swimming.

Targets for each Stage

1. Safe entry into the water (steps or slide in entry)
2. Blow bubbls in water eyes open – no goggles
3. Hold onto wall kicking legs on front
4. F loat on front for 5 seconds & stand up (without aids)
5. Float on back for 5 seconds & stand up (without aids)
6. Chase a ball or egg flips across the water
7. Kick legs on front for 5 metres – face in water
8. Kick legs on back on 5 metres
9. Roll from back to front (log roll)
10.Roll from front to back (log rolls)
11.Swim on front 2-5 metres (no floats)
12.Swim on back 2-5 metres (no floats)
13. Introduce small circles for BRS arms
14.Jump into water
15. Climb out of water safely

1. Safe entry into water
2. P&G on front (without aids)
3. P&G on back (without aids)
4. Kick 10m FC face in water blowing bubbles (with or without aids)
5. Kick 10m BK legs (with/without aids)
6. Introduction to side breathing
7. BRS leg action for 10m (with/without aids)
8. Travel through hoop suspended at top of water
9. 10m FC without aids
10. 10m BK without aids
11. Mushroom float
12. Pick up object 1m deep
13.Tread water at deep end
14. Climb out of water
15. FC arms recover above water
16. FC legs long & stretched
17.BK tummy and legs near top of water
18. BRS leg action round in a circle on same plane

1. Slide into water safely
2. Float vertically without using arms/legs
3. Tread water min 1 minute
4. P&G on back arms on side
5.P&G on front
6. 5m FC breathe to side
7. 5m BK intro continuous arms
8. BRS legs feet turns out 5m
9. Jump into deep water
10. Rotate front to back
11. Scull on back head first 5m
12. Climb out of water using wall

1. Slide into water
2. P&G front arms above head
3. P&G back arms above head
4. Swim 10m BK continuous arm actioin
5. Swim 10m FC breathing to side
6.Swim 10m BRS feet turned out
7. Fly legs no float
8. Intro to Bfly arms
9. Pick up object 1.5m deep
10. Different jumps deep water
11. Sculling BK feet first
12. Sculling BK head first
13. Climb out using side

1. P&G, kick & swim 15m FC
2. P&G, kick & swim 15m BK
3. BRS arms (arms in front of body)
4. P&G, swim 10m BRS (feet turned out)
5. Swim 10m Bfly
6. Kick on BK with arms above head for 10m
7. P&G from wall under water through hoop
8. Sitting dives
9. Forward and back rolls
10. Tread water 1 minute
11. Head & feet first sculling 10m
12. 25m own choice
13. BRS arms small circle in front of chest & not tummy
14. BRS timing – arms, breath, legs, glide
15. BK pull with arms to be in deep water
16. Bfly arms to recover over top of water
17. Bfly legs must be together
18. FC breathing to side
19. FC arms to recover over water
20. FC long arm action without scooping action

1. Crouch dive from side
2. Know how to swim in a lane safely
3. Understand bilateral breathing
4. P&G swim 50m FC (bilateral)
5. P&G swim 50m BK (body roll)
6. P&G swim 50m BRS (touching wall both hands)
7. 25m butterfly
8. Head first & feet first surface dive deep water
9. Straddle jump deep water
10. Introduce IM (half length of each stroke)
11. Forward roll by wall
12. FC bilateral every 3 strokes
13. BK continuous arm action
14. Rotation to the side shoulder and hips rotation at the same time
15. BRS timing – pull, breathe, kick, glide
16. Bfly arms recover over top of the water

1. Plunge dive deep water from side
2. Diving from the blocks (understand dangers)
3. Understand what drills are
4. Drill on all 4 strokes
5. 100m FC (bilateral)
6. 100m BK (body roll)
7. 50m breastroke – correct turn
8. 25m BFly touch wall both hands
9. 4 x 1 IM
10. 100m own choice – to ASA standard
11. Tread water one arm waving above head for 2 minutes
12. FC tumble turn
13. FC – smooth stroke for 100m swim
14. BK – bent arm action
15. BRS – maintain timing throughout – arms & legs simultaneously on same horizontal plane
16. Bfly – strong 2 beat kick maintaining technique
17. IM to be strong and consistent throughout

1. 50m from a dive glide into own choice
2. 100m FC correct turns
3. 100m BK correct turns
4. 100m BRS correct turns
5. 50m Bfly correct turns
6. IM turns
7. 4 x 1 IM
8. Understand the use of a pace clock
9. 4 x 50 own choice 15 seconds rest on each 50
10. 200m using at least 2 strokes
11. All targets performed consistently, maintaining stroke with correct turns

1. Perform the front crawl drills for 100m
2. BK drills for 100m
3. BRS drills for 100m
4. Bfly drills 100m
5. 4 x 2 IM correct turns
6. 400m own choice with turns (changing strokes only after 50m)
7. Understand & perform a relay takeover
8. Use pace clock for interval training
9. Straddle jump swim 50m head up FC
10. Side stroke 50m
11. Preliminary competitive starts award